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Bullfrog Spas Review

Relatively young in the world of spas, the Bullfrog Spas company was founded in 1996 by David Ludlow. The spas are known for their JetPaks system, which can be adjusted (by way of interchangeable seats) to suit the needs of the person in the tub. The JetPaks are said to offer the best anyone can get in terms of home hydrotherapy.

The Product

Bullfrog specializes in portable hot tubs. This is rare for a spa company. Despite the fact that their spas are portable, however, the company has created innovations to suit the wants of customers. For example, Bullfrog features a Spa Vault, which lets customers have an inground hot tub should they choose to have one. Yet this is still portable. If the customer moves, there is no problem since both tub and vault can be moved.

The company offers a great selection of hot tubs. If none of these suit your needs, you can easily build your own spa with the company's online software, customizing each part of the tub. You can even get an interactive spa! No matter how you design it, the company guarantees that the tub (just like all their tubs) will be handmade.

Each hot tub uses 90% less plumbing that most other hot tubs. This simplifies maintenance and repairs. Apart from this great feature, each spa also has leak guards and saves energy. What's more, is most spas come with free shipping and a free spa cover!

So far customers that have reviewed the hot tubs have confirmed everything the Bullfrog website states. Their products are state of the art, with amazing jets. All but one review said that they did not encounter any problems with the product. The one person that did, complained of moisture in the control panel due to a faulty seal.

The Service

The one customer review that needed service said that the company was quick to serve, and they had no problems with their personnel. After having a servicemen over to fix the problem of the control panel, they haven't had any other problems with their spa.

Being a young company, not many people have given as many reviews for Bullfrog spas compared to other hot tub companies. The reviews that have been given, however, are all glowing. It seems this company has been able to achieve what others have not, consistency. SmallHotTubs highly recommends Bullfrog hot tubs.

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