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Sundance Hot Tub Review

Sundance Spas is a company that has been in the spa industry for many years. They feature a good selection of spas, and are best known for their Fluidix™ jets. They are also one of the few spa companies in the world that offers hot tub financing; hoping to make a Sundance hot tub affordable for anyone.

After going through hundreds of product reviews, we've compiled this general review for Sundance Spas.

The Product

Overall, Sundance tubs have changed over time. Among the modern features which have been added to the tubs are the iPod docking systems, which let people listen to music easily while enjoying their soak. Other features have been added over time, as well, and models can change yearly.

Many people are happy with their Sundance tubs. Customers have reported excellence in delivery time and easy installation. In terms of how long it lasts, many are happy to report that they have gone a couple of years without having any major problems. One customer has bought two Sundance tubs in the span of 15 years! Only buying the new one when the old one was simply too old and not worth fixing. Maintenance is also reported to be easy and hassle free, not requiring any extra work no matter what model is purchased.

There are a handful of customers who have encountered problems, however, most of them dealing with leaks and pumps. One customer had to replace the motherboard after six years.

Customers also have reported that they pay up to an extra $50.00 on electricity each month because of the tub.

The Service

No one has complained about Sundance not upholding its warranties. For as long as the tub is under warranty, the company replaces its parts and fixes what needs to be fixed. However, this often needs to be done in collaboration with the retailer. Past warranty, those with problems have complained about how expensive it is to repair the tub and to keep up with its costs. People have also reported speedy replies to their complaints and needs.

The Sundance company was established in 1979 and has done a great job adapting with the times; being one of the few companies that guarantees environmentally safe practices and equipment when it comes to the manufacturing of their spas. SmallHotTub believes hat a Sundance hot tub is worth the investment!

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